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  • Kitchen Outlets, kitchen GFCI, Kitchen remodel, kitchen recepticles, outlets, kitchen, electrical
    Automated Equipment sets up safe kitchens in Turlock homes. Whether building or renovating, Brad Arnold can help you with electrical safety in your kitchen. Building a new house? Remodeling? Buying? If so, here are some tips regarding the electrical outlets in your kitchen.
  • Tips on outside lighting of your home.
    Automated Equipment lights the exterior of spectacular California homes. Automated Equipment installs perfect lighting which offers security and splendor. Tips on outside lighting are provided in this article including selection and placement. Not only does our exterior lighting allow us to see where it is that we are walking when night has fallen, but also, it allows us to see what is going on outside of our home.
  • Landscape Lighting Tips and Techniques
    Automated Equipment, specializing in outdoor lighting, lights up a landscape. The expert team creates ambiance while paying extra attention to your safety. A successful outdoor lighting project requires careful attention and planning to ensure that you choose the correct fixtures, the proper placement of those fixtures and, of course, the correct electrical installation of your outdoor and landscape lighting.
  • The Importance of Using an Electrical Contractor for all Electric Work
    Many homeowners and home improvement buffs enjoy do-it-yourself projects. From small jobs, like replacing kitchen cabinets and repainting a bedroom, to larger jobs, such as full home remodeling, do-it-yourself projects can be fun, rewarding, and can save you lots of money. However, there is one job that no homeowner should do on his or her own and that is electrical work. Performing electrical work yourself can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, it is even illegal, which is why if you need electrical work done in your home, you must hire a professional, licensed, electrical contractor to do the job.
  • Pool Trouble
    Fun, hypothetical, story about choosing the right repair company for your swimming pool and spa troubles.
  • Factoring in the Cost When Choosing Landscape Lighting Technology Options
    The cost of providing landscape lighting should be mitigated by the fact that it is typically a one-time deal. While homeowners might add new outdoor lighting as they make changes in their landscaping design, the initial work is timeless.

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