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Outdoor lighting for aesthetics is an often-overlooked element of residential landscape designs. Although properly designed lighting addressing both aesthetics and function has not completely permeated the commercial landscape, it is not uncommon to visit a gourmet dining establishment, upscale hotel or chic shopping mall during the evening hours and see dramatic and desirable points of visual interest created with landscape light. Now through Automated Equipment these same luxurious amenities are available to further beautify your own home and property.

Automated Equipment can create a stunning display of subtle effects that will dramatically enhance the aesthetic qualities of your landscape with outdoor lighting. Our systems can be seamlessly incorporated into your living space and any existing lighting systems that you may already have to create a visually inspiring nighttime environment. Automated Equipment will deliver a personally customized outdoor lighting design and installation that is guaranteed to satisfy. Through a partnership with many of the outdoor lighting industry’s premier manufacturers, we have access to custom made landscape lighting fixtures and equipment that are not available to the general public. For example, whether it is a miniature spotlight that can be hidden under the eaves, a garden fixture disguised as a sundial, or a solid copper, hand crafted path light; Automated Equipment has access to a variety of fixtures and the technical knowledge as to how and where to use each of them.

This personal touch and the individual, customized lighting designs that are readily accessible through Automated Equipment are beneficial to the homeowner on many different levels other than their breathtaking aesthetic qualities. Through the selective use of light attention can be directed toward the features of your yard and architecture that you find most attractive. And, by this same logic, divert attention away from features of the property that you do not want to emphasize.

Outdoor lighting will also extend the usable hours of your property. By adding light, activities that may have been curtailed by darkness like outdoor entertaining, dining or just relaxing on the patio can be continued well into the night. This benefit is of particular importance to those who spend most of the daylight hours away from their home at the office, on the job site, out on the town doing shopping and so on. The resulting limited opportunities to sit back and actually experience your home and property can be a thing of the past. Now, with the addition of light, you can enjoy your entire living space both inside and out, night and day.

It is impossible to utilize your property to its fullest extent without outdoor lighting. The aforementioned benefits of added beauty, security, safety and value can be easily realized by working with Automated Equipment. A properly designed outdoor lighting system will not only create a more useful, attractive and secure home, but it will add considerable curb appeal and ingrained beauty to the property. Money spent on lighting, like any other good home improvement, will bring greater returns in enjoyment and in the property’s resale value.

Outdoor lighting is an art form where success hinges on professional design and properinstallation. Contact Automated Equipment to find out how you candiscover the full potential of your home and property with outdoor lighting.

Low-Voltage lighting information courtesy of Nightscaping®.

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