Fiberoptic Pool & Spa Lighting

Automated Equipment is a warranty repair station for Fiberstars Lighting and Fiber optic Products.

  • We repair all Fiberstars products, this includes older and discontinued models for customers throughout the U.S.
  • We sell Fiberstars parts and accessories.
  • Please call for pricing.

For over a decade, Fiberstars has been the leader in fiber optic lighting for pools and spas. Now part of Energy Focus Incorporated, we are still dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, most innovative products, backed by superior service and customer support.

Our most recent technological breakthrough brings metal halide technology to your backyard. This lamp technology has been used for many years in commercial applications; but now, through advances in technology, metal halide lamps are being used in many residential applications. This lamp is the same bright, white light you find in many luxury cars today. We have put these commercial-grade lamps into our lighting systems to light up your pool and spas.

We will transform daytime fun into evening magic with our fiber optic and Jazz lighting systems. You will be the talk of the neighborhood. You friends will be dazzled. Our lighting will bring a new definition to the word entertainment. Lighting from Fiberstars will create an aura of paradise in your backyard – the backyard everyone will remember.

Fiberstars has the experience you are looking for. With over 250,000 systems installed, our knowledge, extensive research and expertise are unsurpassed. We have so much confidence in our products that we offer the most extensive warranty available.

We invite you to learn more about our products by calling us at (209) 669-6970. If you would like to witness more of the magical beauty we bring to pools, please take a moment to look through Fiberstars photo gallery. Like what you see? Contact Automated Equipment, or email us, to see how Fiberstars lighting can bring nighttime life to your backyard.

Light with no electricity or heat

Fiberstars fiber optic lighting systems are safe and affordable. Featuring metal halide technology*, our fiber optic lighting systems offer you the same lamp technology you find in many luxury cars today.

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