12- Volt VS 120-Volt: The Low Voltage Advantage


12-volt is safer than 120-volt. Feel at ease knowing your low-voltage lighting system poses no risk of accidental electrical injury.


12-volt operating expense is approximately 1/3 less than 120-volt lamps. The longer you operate a low-voltage system, the more money you save.


Installation costs are approximately 1/4 as much for 12-volt.  Low voltage lighting allows for a more functional lighting system at a fraction of the cost of traditional high-voltage systems.


12-volt lamps give beam control rather than the omni direction flare associated with 120-volt lamps; therefore, allow for more exact, specialized lighting effects to be incorporated into your low-voltage system designs.


For wattages of 75 or less, there are over 100(one hundred) 12-volt lamps available, compared to 12 (twelve) 120 volt lamps.  Eliminate problems of fixture and lamp availability along with concerns of limited selection when you choose low-voltage lighting.


12-volt lamps are capable of compact design therefore yield more compact fixtures.  Focus onlooker attention on the lighting effect as apposed to the light source.


12-volt lamps produce a better quality of light than 120-volt.  Experience subtle natural lighting effects when you specify low-voltage lighting.


12-volt lamps are available in a wide range of quartz halogen, not available to 120-volt.  Again, the diverse varieties of low-voltage fixtures and lamps insure that you can create the lighting effects necessary for any installation.


Control of 12-volt outdoor lighting is available as an easy, low cost after thought.  This is a rare feature for the more expensive 120-volt lighting.


Fully automated low-voltage lighting systems are easily attained by adding various inexpensive control options to the existing system.  There are multiple control options available for you to choose from.


For further details, or to view a complete directory of available fixtures and services, along with multiple pictures of different lighting effects, please contact us here at Automated Equipment.

Low-Voltage lighting information courtesy of Nightscaping®.


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