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As you plan your special event, i.e. wedding, party, anniversary etc.. you will surely want to add a touch of magic to the night with festive yet discrete outdoor lighting.

Automated Equipment can provide a safe, low-voltage outdoor lighting system custom designed specifically for your event at very reasonable rental terms.  We can create the excitement of sparkles and twinkling reflections throughout your property, while simultaneously increasing the safety and security of your grounds and guests by illuminating stairs and pathways and softly grazing architecture with subtle yet revealing light.

If you’d prefer a more romantic scene, Automated Equipment can use lighting to cast soft, gentle, shadow patterns that simulate moonlight spilling down through plants and trees. Highlighting the beauty and serenity of your property without calling attention to the lights themselves.

Since 1995, Automated Equipment has been used at countless special events and celebrations.  I would be more than happy to discuss with you how a Low voltage system designed by Automated Equipment can add radiance to your special evening.  I’m also available to let you see the magic of low voltage outdoor lighting for yourself through a free, no-obligation, nighttime lighting survey of your home and property.

Please contact us at your convenience to schedule an appointment when I can show you exactly how Automated Equipment can make your Special Event glow.

Low-Voltage lighting information courtesy of Nightscaping®.

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