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Are you afraid of the dark?

Are you afraid of the dark?  Are you tired of spending sleepless nights thinking you heard a noise in the garage, footsteps trampling your garden or the sound of breaking glass spilling from an unlit window? Do you toss and turn knowing that your home and family are at the mercy of the unknown lurking outside?  Well, put those fears to rest (and get some rest yourself) because Automated Equipment outdoor lighting is an alternative to lying awake staring at the ceiling.

Police departments and insurance companies nationwide have statistics proving an unlit home is three times more likely to be burglarized than a home equipped with exterior lighting.  But you can relax, Automated Equipment is a local provider of outdoor lighting that will not only reduce your chances of becoming another unsuspecting victim of crime, but will turn your home’s exterior into a stunning display of light and architecture.

Automated Equipment proudly specifies only the highest quality low-voltage lighting on all of our jobs.  Based on the optic quality of light produced, extensive factory warranties, available selection and overall excellence, Automated Equipment is the industry’s premier lighting contractor.

Why Automated Equipment?

Automated Equipment will simultaneously increase the security, safety, beauty, and resale value of your home.

Automated Equipment will extend the usable hours of your home and property so you don’t have to curtail your outdoor activities when night falls.

Automated Equipment allows you to accentuate the features of your yard, garden and architecture that you find most attractive 

Automated Equipment offers you the broadest, best-selling line of fixture styles and finish colors to choose from, no one else in the industry can compete with their product quality or variety or our customer service.

It is impossible to utilize your home to its fullest extent without Automated Equipment outdoor lighting.  Call us at Automated Equipment today for more information on the benefits of a landscape lighting system.  Contact us now and receive a free demonstration that will change your evenings forever.

Low-Voltage lighting information courtesy of Nightscaping®.

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