1. What are Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics are a way of transmitting light through high-quality plastic fibers. No electricity and virtually no heat are transferred through the fibers. In a swimming pool or spa, that means there is no dangerous electric light source near the water. The light source is in a remote location, and the pool is lit via the plastic fibers.

Before fiber optics, a swimming pool was lit with a 120-volt incandescent bulb placed 18 to 24 inches below water level. This meant high voltage energy precariously close to people swimming in the pool.

Recently, low-voltage lights have become available, requiring expensive transformers and possessing questionable reliability, yet not eliminating electricity just inches from the pool water and the swimmer.

Then, in 1989, Fiberstars developed a way to light a pool with safe, reliable fiber optics. The light source is safely away from the pool and the pool is lit with the plastic fibers.

2. What are the advantages of Fiber Optics?

Besides the safety of NO electricity near the water, the remote light source allows us to offer an optional color wheel! This means rich full color in the pool, creating nighttime backyard excitement. In addition, servicing the light is easy because it is accessible and not underwater. Old-fashioned electric lights must be serviced by a professional who has to somehow retrieve the light from underwater.

Now that you know more about fiber optics, doesn't make sense to choose lighting for the 21st century over old-fashioned electric lighting? Given the choice of high-voltage, low-voltage, or NO voltage lighting, wouldn't you choose NO voltage lighting? You can have safe, modern pool lighting by making Fiberstars your choice.

3. What else can I light with Fiber Optics?

Once you've decided on fiber optic lighting for the swimming pool, your choices for addional lighting are virtually unlimited;

Perimeter Lighting - A decorative strip of lighting to frame your picture-perfect pool. This can also accent steps and spas.

Water Features - Any fountain or waterfall can be lit with fiber optics since the fibers can be installed in shallow water, or no water at all!

Landscape Lighting - Our landscape lighting kits can accent walkways or vegetation, and are a snap to add on to any system.

4. How can I get Fiberstars Fiber Optic lighting on my pool?

Fiberstars pool lighting products are only available to swimming pool contractors. If you are having a pool built or remodeled, tell your pool contractor that you want fiber optic lights. Tell them you want modern, 21st century pool lighting. Tell them you want nighttime excitement and beauty for you backyard environment. Tell them you will only accept the best. Tell them you want genuine Fiberstars products installed by Automated Equipment.

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