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  • California licensed electrical and low voltage contractor services for Industrial, municipalities, utility industries and residential . Industrial automated equipment controls, home landscape lighting, spa equipment installation and swimming pool equipment automation too. Our company serves the greater Turlock and Modesto, California areas. For an electrical and low voltage contractor in Turlock and Modesto, California, call Brad Arnold and his expert team handling electrical work and repair.
  • Automated Equipment is a warranty repair station for Raypak pool and spa heaters and Fiberstars. These certified pool operators sell, install, and repair pool equipment. Automated equipment is a licensed electrical contractor specializing in pool and spa automation and pool equipment installation and repair.
  • Automated Equipment is a warranty repair station for Raypak pool and spa heaters. Raypak offers a line of gas heaters to fit almost every application. Automated Equipment sells Raypak pool and spa heaters and is a factory authorized repair center for Raypak in Turlock CA.
  • Automated Equipment is a warranty repair station for Fiberstars lighting and fiber optic products. Fiberstars is a leader in fiber optic pool lighting. We will transform daytime fun into evening magic with our fiberstars 6004 and 2004 illuminator fiber optic and Jazz lighting systems. Your friends will be dazzled. Our lighting will bring a new definition to the word entertainment. Lighting from Fiberstars will create an aura of paradise in your backyard – the backyard everyone will remember.
  • Automated Equipment is a warranty repair station for Fiberstars lighting and fiber optic products. Automated Equipment installs all Fiberstars products. Fiber optics are a way of transmitting light through high-quality plastic fibers. No electricity and virtually no heat are transferred through the fibers. In a swimming pool or spa, that means there is no dangerous electric light source near the water. The light source is in a remote location, and the pool is lit via the plastic fibers.
  • Automated Equipment is a Registered Nightscaping® Contractor. Automated Equipment installations are custom designed with the individual homeowner in mind. Automated Equipment sells and installs all types of low voltage and landscape lighting , outdoor lighting. We design for your pleasure.
  • Automated Equipment is a Registered Nightscaping® Contractor. Automated Equipment installations are custom designed with the individual homeowner in mind. Why use outdoor lighting? A brief article on the benefits of outdoor lighting, and landscape lighting
  • Automated Equipment is a licensed electrical and low voltage contractor. To view a complete directory of low voltage fixtures, contact Automated Equipment. 12-Volt VS 120-Volt: The Low-Voltage Advantage
  • Automated Equipment can provide safe, low-voltage outdoor lighting custom designed for any event. Schedule your appointment with an outdoor lighting expert. Automated Equipment takes care of all those behind the seen electrical and special lighting needs to complete your special event
  • Automated Equipment, the industry's premier contractor, provides outdoor lighting and stunning effects while ensuring you enjoy a safe, secure environment. Outdoor Lighting helps keep your home safe at night. Protect your family and beautify your home at the same time
  • Automated Equipment can add beauty and light to a home with professional lighting designs. Since 1995, Automated Equipment has served their loyal customers. These photos are examples of how we use outdoor landscape lighting to beautify your home. Landscape lighting photos courtesy of Nightscaping.
  • Automated Equipment does electrical controls, plc lader logic, utility electronics, canal automation, flow meters, lake level measurement, protective relay testing, substation automation, and electrical training. Automated Equipment does special projects for utility companies and heavy industry This FCC licensed, PLC trained team does all types of advanced controls.
  • Automated Equipment does all types of electrical work in the Turlock and Modesto California area. This includes service changes, electrical panels, trouble shooting and remodeling. Be safe and call a leading and licensed electrical contractor.
  • Automated Equipment brings experience and expertise to all electrical work. Their team of expert authors share safety tips, techniques, and how-to articles. Articles about electrical topics that may interest you.
  • Automated Equipment sets up safe kitchens in Turlock homes. Whether building or renovating, Brad Arnold can help you with electrical safety in your kitchen. Building a new house? Remodeling? Buying? If so, here are some tips regarding the electrical outlets in your kitchen.
  • Automated Equipment lights the exterior of spectacular California homes. Automated Equipment installs perfect lighting which offers security and splendor. Tips on outside lighting are provided in this article including selection and placement. Not only does our exterior lighting allow us to see where it is that we are walking when night has fallen, but also, it allows us to see what is going on outside of our home.
  • Automated Equipment, specializing in outdoor lighting, lights up a landscape. The expert team creates ambiance while paying extra attention to your safety. A successful outdoor lighting project requires careful attention and planning to ensure that you choose the correct fixtures, the proper placement of those fixtures and, of course, the correct electrical installation of your outdoor and landscape lighting.
  • Many homeowners and home improvement buffs enjoy do-it-yourself projects. From small jobs, like replacing kitchen cabinets and repainting a bedroom, to larger jobs, such as full home remodeling, do-it-yourself projects can be fun, rewarding, and can save you lots of money. However, there is one job that no homeowner should do on his or her own and that is electrical work. Performing electrical work yourself can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, it is even illegal, which is why if you need electrical work done in your home, you must hire a professional, licensed, electrical contractor to do the job.
  • Fun, hypothetical, story about choosing the right repair company for your swimming pool and spa troubles.
  • The cost of providing landscape lighting should be mitigated by the fact that it is typically a one-time deal. While homeowners might add new outdoor lighting as they make changes in their landscaping design, the initial work is timeless.
  • Advises Paying Extra Attention to Pool Safety Automated Equipment advises paying extra attention to pool safety. Owner Brad Arnold stresses the importance of hiring a qualified contractor for projects. Since 1995, a leading and licensed electrical and low voltage contractor, has been paying extra attention to customers' needs. Serving the greater area of Modesto and Turlock, California, this thriving family enterprise provides safe and secure solutions in every area of the electrical business., the warranty repair station for Raypak pool and spa heaters and Fiberstars lighting products, employs an expert staff - a trained, insured team qualified as certified pool operators. The expertise, experience, and observations of owner Brad Arnold have led him, however, to question people's attention to pool safety.
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  • Automated Equipment knows the best in the business. They are associated with Raypak heaters and Fiberstars as well as being a NIGHTSCAPING® contractor. Licensed electrical contractor Modesto and Turlock CA. Home and business electrical repairs, pool spa electrical equipment, outdoor lighting, automation systems, green power experts.
  • For all electrical needs, contact Brad Arnold, owner of Automated Equipment, a licensed electrical and low voltage contractor, serving Turlock and Modesto. Contact Automated Equipment Electrical Company. We are your best choice for any of your Electrical needs. Our customers are always satisfied. We are a member of the better business bureau with an A+ rating.
  • Site map of Automated Equipment, a licensed electrical contractor. Electrical work, pool and spa equipment repair and sales, outdoor lighting.
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